Most Popular Game Engines | 2017

Game Engine Frameworks for creating powerful cross-platform games.In this post we carefully handpicked 14 most popular game engines according to Github stars counter.The engines developed by lots of different language.

1. Libgdx

Github Stars : 12K+

libGDX is a cross-platform Java game development framework based on OpenGL (ES) that works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, your WebGL enabled browser and iOS.

2. Cocos2d-x

Github Stars : 11K+

cocos2d-x is a multi-platform framework for building 2d games, interactive books, demos and other graphical applications. It is based on cocos2d-iphone, but instead of using Objective-C, it uses C++. It works on iOS, Android, Tizen, Windows Phone and Store Apps, OS X, Windows, Linux and Web platforms.

3. Godot

Github Stars : 10K+

Godot Engine is a feature-packed, cross-platform game engine to create 2D and 3D games from a unified interface. It provides a comprehensive set of common tools, so that users can focus on making games without having to reinvent the wheel. Games can be exported in one click to a number of platforms, including the major desktop platforms (Linux, Mac OSX, Windows) as well as mobile (Android, iOS) and web-based (HTML5) platforms.

4. Cryengine

Github Stars : 7K+

CRYENGINE is a powerful real-time game development platform created by Crytek.The most powerful game development platform is now available to everyone. Full engine source code. All features. No royalties. No obligations. No license fee.

5. Openage

Github Stars : 6K+

openage: a volunteer project to create a free engine clone of the Genie Engine used by Age of Empires, Age of Empires II (HD) and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, comparable to projects like OpenMW, OpenRA, OpenTTD and OpenRCT2. At the moment we focus our efforts on the integration of Age of Empires II, while being primarily aimed at POSIX platforms such as GNU/Linux.

6. MonoGame

Github Stars : 4K+

One framework for creating powerful cross-platform games. The spiritual successor to XNA with 1000’s of titles shipped across desktop, mobile, and console platforms. MonoGame is a fully managed .NET open source game framework without any black boxes. Create, develop and distribute your games your way.

7. OpenRa

Github Stars : 4K+

Open Source real-time strategy game engine for early Westwood games such as Command & Conquer: Red Alert written in C# using SDL and OpenGL. Runs on Windows, Linux, *BSD and Mac OS X.

8. Torque3D

Github Stars : 2K+

MIT Licensed Open Source version of Torque 3D from GarageGames

9. GamePlay

Github Stars : 2K+

GamePlay is an open-source, cross-platform, C++ game framework/engine for creating 2D/3D mobile and desktop games.

10. Starling-Framework

Github Stars : 2K+

The Starling Framework allows you to create hardware accelerated apps in ActionScript 3. The main target is the creation of 2D games, but Starling may be used for any graphical application. Thanks to Adobe AIR, Starling-based applications can be deployed to mobile devices (iOS, Android), the desktop (Windows, OS X), and to the browser (via the Flash plugin).

11. Urho3D

Github Stars : 1K+

Urho3D is a free lightweight, cross-platform 2D and 3D game engine implemented in C++ and released under the MIT license. Greatly inspired by OGRE and Horde3D.

12. BansheeEngine

Github Stars : 1K+

A high quality modern game development toolkit. It provides a high performance multi-threaded game engine written in C++14 that runs 2D and 3D games. The engine offers a wide variety of high level systems needed for game development, ranging from math and utility libraries, to Vulkan, DirectX 11 and OpenGL support all the way to input, GUI, physics, audio, animation, scripting and support for many popular resource formats (e.g. FBX, PNG, PSD, TTF, OGG, WAV).

12. AtomicGameEngine

Github Stars : 1K+

The Atomic Game Engine is powerful native technology with a consistent API and tooling available in C++, C#, Typescript and JavaScript. The Atomic Editor is installed in over 75 countries and has hit “critical mass” with production in multiple industries.

13. jmonkeyengine

Github Stars : 1K+

jMonkeyEngine is a 3D game engine for adventurous Java developers. It’s open-source, cross-platform, and cutting-edge. 3.1.0 is the latest stable version of the jMonkeyEngine 3 SDK, a complete game development suite. We’ll release 3.1.x updates until the major 3.2 release arrives.

14. Spring

Github Stars : 1K+

Spring (formerly TASpring) is an Open Source Real Time Strategy game engine.