Flipster – Responsive jQuery Coverflow Plugin

Flipster is a responsive, CSS3 3D transform-based and touch-enabled jQuery plugin built to replicate the familiar ‘cover flow’ effect, but also supports a variety of styles.

Flipster Features:

  • Responsive: From desktop to mobile, Flipster automatically centers and scales to fit the area provided.
  • Lightweight: Javascript and CSS combined are only 5kb gzipped (13kb uncompressed). Only dependency is jQuery.
  • Touch/Scrollwheel/Trackpad/Keyboard Friendly Swipe on touch devices, scroll via trackpad or mousewheel, and use your arrow keys to fly through items!
  • Flexible: Flip an image gallery or any HTML content. Links and dynamic content work great!
  • Customizable: Four built in styles (coverflow, carousel, wheel and flat) with plenty of options to configure Flipster the way you want.
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Free jQuery plugin


Flipster – Responsive jQuery Coverflow Plugin

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