Bootstrap Star Rating Plugin

Bootstrap Star Rating is a simple yet powerful JQuery star rating plugin with fractional rating support.The plugin uses Bootstrap markup and styling by default, but it can be overridden with any other CSS markup.

Star Rating Features:

  • Convert any HTML input to a star rating control.
  • Use the HTML 5 number input for polyfill
  • Involves pure CSS3 styling of the stars
  • Use any of your favorite font icon frameworks to render your star symbols
  • Render and display fractional star ratings.
  • Uses Bootstrap 3.x styles & glyphs by default.
  • Support for RIGHT TO LEFT (RTL) input
  • Ability to clear values and options for the stars.
  • Reset star rating to the initial value when the form is reset.
  • Cross browser support
  • And more features


Bootstrap Star Rating Plugin

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