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Trip.js – Useful Tutorial Trip Plugin for Web Apps


Trip.js is a jQuery plugin that can help you customize a tutorial trip easily with more flexibilities.Right now Trip.js support lots of useful stuffs like keyboard binding, animations, changing themes … etc. If you want to highly customize your own tutorial trip, then Trip.js is definitely worth to give it a try

Trip.js Features:

  • CSS3 animation support
  • Quick keybord support
  • Global options – Change the default behavior of Trip.js and would influence all trips.
  • Local options – Only change the behavior of specifc trip and won’t influence the others.
  • Parser options – There are small subsets of options that you can define in HTML if you are using parser mode.
  • Easy to use
  • Cross browser support
  • And more features


Trip.js – Useful Tutorial Trip Plugin for Web Apps

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