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AnythingSlider – Basic jQuery Slider Plugin


AnythingSlider is a jQuery slider plugin for anything.A very robust jQuery-based slider plugin. Need to link to a specific slide? No problem. Like a choice of themes? Got it. Need callbacks for when specific slider actions happen? Sure. Need custom tab names? You got it. Need more than one slider per page? Easy.

AnythingSlider Features:

  • Panels are HTML Content
  • Change content by scrolling horizontally or vertically, or by cross-fading* between slides.
  • Multiple AnythingSliders allowable per-page.
  • Add or remove content, then easily update the slider.
  • Themes can be applied to individual sliders.
  • Infinite/Continuous sliding
  • Show multiple slides within AnythingSlider at once
  • Expand the slider to fit inside of its container
  • Optionally resize each panel (specified per panel in css).
  • Optional Next / Previous Panel Arrows.
  • Use keyboard navigation or tabs that are built and added dynamically
  • Link to specific slides or go forward or back one slide from static text links
  • Each panel has a hashtag
  • Optional custom function for formatting navigation text.
  • Auto-playing slideshow
  • Cross browser support
  • Open source jQuery plugin


AnythingSlider – Basic jQuery Slider Plugin

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